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Prism is a dedicated support service for Bristol's wide and varied LGBT+ communities and individuals providing free and confidential support to people around their use of alcohol and other drugs. Whether you're looking for ways to reduce the harm substances can cause you, or your use is becoming problematic and affecting your relationships, social life or professional life - Prism is your dedicated service.

We will be on site on Saturday so please do come and visit for a chat, for information around safer use, plus there will also be free condoms.

Radical Faerie camp

Community groups

Come visit the faerie camp to learn more about the Radical Faeries in Albion.

Join us for a chat and a cup of tea in our camp kitchen - sit with us in heart circle - or look out for drumming, drag and other faerie pastimes.

All are welcome.

Women's area


The Queer Spirit Women's Area welcomes all goddesses, witches, bitches, faery, daughters, mothers, crones and other common or mythical female beings defining as womyn to celebrate, challenge and enjoy each others company. We aim to create a safe, healing and inspirational space in honour of all the struggles wimmin and girls encounter in a sexist patriarchal society and to celebrate the often unnoticed and yet phenomonal achievements and magic wimmin contribute to everyones lifes.

Camping layout
The heart of the wimmins area will be strictly self-defined womyn only (the closed circle), however the space surrounding this (the open circle) will be for campers who welcome male visitors and campers in a state of flux seeking and working on a female outcome/integration/transformation for/of/within themselves. This layout would then also enable male friends and mixed groups who want to feel part of the womans area to camp on appropriate sides of the outer perimeter allowing for a camp setup that is half in and half out of the 'open' wimmins circle space.

We will have at least one communal fire pit this year but ideally two. There will also be a largish communal tent providing a dry cooking space and emergency shelter. If available we will also provide a workshop space. Please bring decorations, altars and anything else you want to weave into the magic of the space.

Healing garden

Healing Dome

The healing dome will be used by some of our healers/therapists. There will also be other activities & workshops taking place in this location throughout the festival.

Heart circles - Daily in the Healing Garden Dome Under 18 with adult

Heart circlesHeart Circle is a tradition of the Radical Faeries to foster open, honest and loving communication with one another; to build resilient community together through healing, trust and unconditional love.

Heart circle is a place where you witness and are witnessed just as you are – your authentic self, speaking from the heart rather than the head and expressing all and any emotions that are present for you.

Healers Under 18 with adult

We will have a range of healers available at different times - the schedule will be posted at the garden and also in the Info point.

The information below gives a guide to what we hope to have on offer but the range of treatments may vary from that shown here:



I am a holistic therapist qualified in 2004. I provide Swedish massage - great for tension release and getting rid of those knots, aromatherapy massage - a nurturing, balancing massage using essential oils, reiki - channelled hands on healing that goes to where it is needed and reflexology - an incredibly relaxing foot massage that works on the meridians on your feet that correspond to all the systems in your body.

I am also a BACP registered counsellor, CBT therapist and psychosexual therapist, experienced in gender and sexual diversity. I have a portfolio career and run creativity and conscious connection/tantra workshops. I am an artist and use polymer clay and mixed media. Recent work includes my controversial yonihearts that were featured at last years Summer House and have been banned from several exhibitions.  I am involved in various conscious communities such as radical faries and cocounselling.

Labels that could be used to describe me include queer, bi, poly, trans, kink, pagan, tantrica, feminist, environmental activist, healer, teacher, artist

Kesley Cage

Kesley Cage

Welcome, I am dedicated to divine service by honouring the truth and the wisdom of the heart.

As an indigo child, my most profound early-life experiences all relate to channelling healing, and magical spell-work. Through spiritual initiations, I have cultivated and expanded my abilities to ally with the energies of the Divine, including the Earth, the human body and soul. I have trained in numerous healing modalities, and I choose to offer Crystal Healing and Tarot Reading to sustain your experience of Queer Spirit.

Crystal healing is a service for relaxed integration, re-centring and aligning with the compassionate energies of the crystals. I know that crystals are conscious creatures, each with a particular purpose. The crystals who assist me are millions of years old, and have extremely strong vibrations for peace and balance. The crystals speak in a deep, enlightened language, on the borders of silence and stillness. In a crystal healing I stand as a channel and medium, to listen to the crystals and guide your mind and body to integrate with the consciousness of your cherished soul, and the loving, spiritual beings around you.

Tarot Reading is a contemplative exercise in essentially, co-creating a beautiful and empowered life. As a channel, resource, and guide, I'll help you to open up to what your heart is yearning for, and how you can focus your mind, motion and attention to manifest the greatest good. The Tarot cards are ancient vessels of universal attraction, and have long facilitated insight in spiritualities across the globe. I create personalised layouts to draw focal points of prayer for each aspect of your beingness. For genuine seekers of truth, willing to trust, readings may bring up tears, tingles or cries of laughter, as you surrender to the process of awakening clarity.  Please join me for a sacred and honouring experience of a soul one-to-one, where we may crystallise the unfolding of your festival experience. Thank you for reading, more information can be found on my website:

Mary Newing

Mary Newing

I am a Thai massage therapist and reiki practitioner and a yoga and chi kung teacher. I have been working at festivals (mostly music) since 2007 offering therapies from a tent and running workshops.

Outside of the summer months I am based in South West London and run a holistic practice and build websites and teach IT skills.

  • Thai Massage
  • Thai Abdominal Massage
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Reiki
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Massage



What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, Reiki is Healing

The practice of Reiki is a natural method of healing, rediscovered and developed by Mikao Usui in Japan early in the 20th century, which is activated by intention.
Reiki works on the principle of subtle energy flowing through all beings.  Reiki practitioners act as a channels for subtle energy passing it to the client through the palms of their hands to achieve a rebalancing of life force.  Reiki activates the natural healing process of the patient's body and restores physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Being in this state of wellness and balance enables us to enjoy life, to find contentment and to sense our connectedness to everything around us.

What happens in a Reiki session?

During a Reiki session practitioners may place their hands very lightly on or slightly above the client proceeding through a series of hand positions. The patient is normally lying down or sat comfortably and always remains fully clothed throughout the session.  Reiki may be experienced as a flow of energy, mild tingling, warmth, coolness, other sensations, or nothing at all. Reiki is deeply relaxing and has a profoundly calming effect. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water after being treated and rest for a while. Be responsive to the needs of your body and allow the energy to continue its work after the session ends.

Benefits of Reiki treatment:

- Heals holistically
- Promotes relaxation in a very deep level
- Releases stress and tension
- Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins
- Triggers the body's natural healing abilities
- Removes energy blockages
- Promotes the energy flow of the endocrine system
- Feelings of peace, security and general well being

Kids space

The hill

A space where young people come first - adults are also welcome to some workshops. There will be circus, arts and crafts and drama and a daily meeting for young people (see board).

Village green

Benefit Café

CafeBenefit Café for Queer Spirit & Queer Pagan Camp, run by volunteers.

Serving vegan, organic and gluten free where possible.

BREAKFAST     8-9:30am
LUNCH            12-1:30pm
SUPPER           6-7:30pm.

Tea, coffee and drinks and snacks all day!

Evening chill space

Cosy spaceEvery evening Workshop 2 becomes a cosy chill and cuddle space

  • 10pm onwards, Wednesday
  • 8pm onwards, Thursday-Saturday

Village hall

Village hallThe Village hall is a great place to just hang out. You will also find here

Information point - our welcoming team of helpers are available to answer your questions on anything festival related.

Performers table - a place where our wonderful performers may have CD's and other items available for you to purchase.

T-shirt pick-up - t-shirts wont be available to buy at the festival, but you can pre-order them and pick up at the festival.

Drag hire - we will have a selection of fun, elegant and interesting dressing up items.

Queer Spirit Donations table - a place for you to bring your unwanted items – books, dvds, clothes etc. You will be able to take away anything on the table in return for a donation to the running costs of the festival.

Chill zone - a comfy corner with cushions where you can just take some time out.

Wandering performers

Look out for our performers entertaining you out in the village green.

West field


West field Café selling vegetarian and vegan meals, snacks and drinks.


We will have music, dancing, workshops, open mic, cabaret and more. See below for details of performers.

Market place

Beautiful things - colourful Indian blankets, sarongs, bags, jewellery, wall-hangings ... also an assortment of interesting bric and brac!

LionsWitchyWardrobe - a selection of handmade festival accessories from repurposed and recycled materials tailored towards celebrating our magic and wildness; tails, wings, robes, horns, fur, feathers, and oh mys! No repeats, all exclusive and all as unique as we are!

Pincus - Inner peace & grounding Incense, Essential oils, Lush Bindis, Smudge sticks & Broom sticks

Other Structures

Campaigns yurt

The Campaigns Yurt explores our connections with society through engagement with community and politics, and how we can use our spirituality to create change. Through our interactive, inclusive workshop style sessions, we'll consider themes such as intersectionality, civil disobedience, and wellbeing.

We'll get hands on in our practical workshops, and explore how creativity is instrumental in protest and campaigning. All are welcome, at whatever point in your campaigning journeys you may be.

Meditation temple

A quiet place open throughout the festival where anyone can come, sit, meditate.

At certain times of the day there will also be held meditation sessions and possibly other related events.

Sacred sexuality temple Under 18 with adult

Our beautiful geodome has an amazing sacred geometry in its structure and offers it’s unique amazing energy to support all our workshop focussed around sexual energy, sexuality, tantra, intimacy and connection.

Sorry kids but this is only for people aged 18 or above (but you can visit the smaller geodome in the healing garden which also has an amazing sacred geometry creating wondrous vibes!)

Welfare area


Located on the accessible camp site at the shrines end, our welfare team are on hand 24 hours throughout the festival. 

They offer physical, mental, energetic and magical support to all at the festival.

Other activities

Fire circles

Fire circlesThere are two festival fire circles to relax, chat, share stories and sing songs around at night - on the Village Green and in the Camping Field.

Nature walks

Nature walksThe countryside on and around the festival is wonderful so why not take a stroll through the woods and fields.

We may also have some organised walks so do check in at the info point for details.


SaunaOur wood fired sauna will be open every day and is welcoming to all ages and genders.

There may also be some sessions for particular groups - information will be posted at the sauna and the info point. 


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