Adele Bright Daffodil

Adele Bright DaffodilBright is an intersex trans human rights activist, author of a hospital for the soul and founder of trans charity project silverfih at the pilion trust.

She is a qualified life coach and a purveyor of plant medicines healing capabilities for humanity and the planet.

Al Head

Al HeadI am a queer/lesbian, genderqueer human. I am a pagan and an energy-worker. I have been leading rituals and running pagan workshops for over 30 years. Currently I lead 'This Land Sex Magic' and other energy-related workshops. I have been an lgbt activist and organiser since the early 1980s and am also a peace, environmental and inclusion activist.

In all my work my emphasis is on humans reconnecting with the land and ending/healing the destruction that we have inflicted on it, and upon ourselves, through our disconnection.

Andy Butterfield

Andy ButterfieldAndy is an experienced shiatsu therapist, mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor. He is passionate about helping to create community and a safe, relaxed and meaningful space for people to meet in connection and joy.

He teaches clothed and naked yoga in London, Brighton and overseas ( and has a busy shiatsu clinic.

Andy Fowler

Andy FowlerAndy has over 5000 hrs experience leading world percussion workshops in a variety of settings, many of which are festivals including Kaya Festival, Guildfest, Bunkfest, Rugfest and of course, Queer Spirit.

Andy Saich

Andy SaichLondon-based Andy Saich combines his own unique BodyFlow massage technique with relaxed, conscious and loving facilitation to help men, women and trans individuals, couples, and groups in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US.

He trained as a Sacred Intimate and pioneered tantric work for men from 1990 in the UK and for all genders from 1999 in the US (California). In Europe, he teaches Sacred Intimacy and massage with and tantra with He founded the UK-based MenInTouch


BonoboBonobo's work is focused on group centred consciousness. He enables people to find new ways to interact with the world and one another. He has a first-class degree in Sculpture, is trained as a Sexological bodywork practitioner (Sex coach) and Neuro linguistic programming life coach.

He lives and works in Berlin and runs immersive retreats that take you deep into this familiar world.



CaluCalu is a gender fierce queer activist passionate about connection, conscious exchanges, inclusive intimacies, radical communication, sensorial exploration and creative pleasure. They facilitate genderqueer rituals, events and spaces for personal and communal growth. 
They created Comtacto, an adventure through touch, play, silence, rhythm and breath; a space to give ourselves and others permission to Be with a strong emphasis on embodiment; a path to create positive and loving references to replicate in our lives.


CaroMy name is Caro and I am a musician and a health and pleasure activist. I have also been a sound system collaborator, music producer, DJ, workshop facilitator and community organizer (Freedom FM, Mizbehaviour, WANC café,) since the early nineties.  I have had an integrated spiritual practice since 1997 and have been working with the Divine Feminine, sacred sound and sacred sexuality ever since. I am also an ethnomusicologist (SOAS), registered Taoist practitioner and somatic body worker (ISAS).

I love living and teaching health activism through Pleasure As Medicine most recently at Glastonbury Festival, Fusion Festival, Women’s Heath Project and the Radical Herb Gathering and champion social justice.
Websites: (work in progress)
For sounds and meditations:   Hear my album Feast of Salt


Cerise Mae

CeriseCerise is a producer, performer and tutor from Norfolk.

Cerise brings high energy and musicality to the stage - a whirlwind frenzy of tease, charisma and passion!

Chryssy Hunter

Chryssy HunterChryssy lives and researches at the edges of sexgender lived and re-lived experiences. Interested in aspects of embodied and mental fluidity and lives lived in perpetual states of construction and creation, she also addresses how, in such liminal spaces, issues and states of recognition, equality, equanimity and fulfilment can be effectively framed and achieved.

Originally from Hull, East Riding she has lived, worked and loved in countries as varied as Slovakia, Libya and the DPRK. She’s an activist and an engager; a Virgo and a Scorpio.

DK Green

DK GreenDK has run and participated in Shamanic journeys and workshops for various circles and events around the UK since early 2000s, is a celebrant, one of the organisers of Oak Spirit in Derbyshire as well as a professional Tarot reader for 20yrs.

He is also widely known in the areas of BDSM & Leather as head of the UK KRueL Leather Family since the 1990s.

Edward Daniel

Edward DanielEdward is a keynote speaker at various vegan festivals including Raw Fest and the Greater London Vegan Festival.

He is the former Chair of The Vegan Society, a practising solicitor and a Starseed/Lightwarrior. 

His purpose is assist with the ascension.

Geoffrey Henning

Geoffrey HenningGeoffrey was a co-founder of CRUSAID in 1985 and later appointed Director. During this time, he substantially grew the organisation as it raised funds and supported HIV projects across the UK. It was only after he left ten years later that he fully opened to spirit. In retrospect, his time with CRUSAID seems to have been strongly guided.

In seeking to overcome the burnout he suffered, he completed a course in Reiki, initiated a period of self-healing (after a reading with a trance medium 6,000 miles away) and took classes in mediumship and trance work. Working for a Pharmaceutical company slowed his development but reigniting his interest was the main reason for him leaving the Industry.

Over the last 6 years he has fully committed his life to service and working with spirit.

Grace NĂ­ DhonnchĂș

GraceGrace Ní Dhonnchú is an Oxford based practitioner and Professional Dominatrix with a vast experience in Health, Art Psychotherapy, Tantra and Conscious Kink. Her background in Art Psychotherapy provides her approach with strengths in the areas of visual imagery, visualisation and guided meditation. Grace has both personal and professional experience in alternative sexualities and relationship styles.

She has a passion for being in Queer spaces, Kink, sensation, working with nature and cuddle piles.


HazelHazel has been going to festivals for 30 years now, working on site crew stuff and stalls and also led meditations, given talks.. She runs 2 meetup groups in London:

Helen Moore

Helen MooreHelen is a West Country Hedgewitch and has many years experience of crafting & creating ceremony for life's important transitions.

She is a keeper of the gateways.

Jane Carr

Jane CarrJane Carr originally trained and worked as a ballet dancer before studying contemporary dance and working on collaborative arts projects while also teaching dance.

Her most recent project with Bruce Sharp, the Dorothy Sharp Project, aims to get people to reflect on identities in movement terms.

Jeanne Devlin

Chryssy HunterJeanne Devlin (aka Jean Devalive) is a multimedia artist and musician. Having survived a near death experience in India, went on to work in adult mental health services in Leeds for seven years. Moving to London, worked in a therapeutic community for several years but became unwell.

Retreating to a loft room, isolated and struggling with gender dysphoria, immersed herself in art and ritual practice. Her work has evolved from ink drawings and collage to 3D pieces using found materials including road kill. In 2013 a D.I.Y. single was released in collaboration with Sineflesh, performances at spoken word and live art events in London followed. In 2014, joined the mysterious musical collective, The Vitamin B12. Collaborated with Le Scrambled Debutante and performed live with Silverstar Amoeba in 2016. In 2017, contributed to Arcane Perfection, a publication with contributions from Queer, Trans and Intersex witches

Justin Luria

Justin LuriaJustin is an energy healer and shamanic practitioner with a special interest in grounding, incarnation and embodiment. He has been a spiritual seeker since 1998, and has trained with Barbara Brennan ("Hands of Light"), Patricia White Buffalo, and a number of other respected teachers.

He draws upon his rich Jewish ancestry (both Cohenim and Kabbalistic, the high priest and mystic) and perspective as a queer spiritual seeker to practice an inclusive, loving and welcoming earth-and-body-centred spirituality that honours and recognises all aspects of the human condition.


KaliKali is a freelance dance artist who has been teaching Indian dance workshops and been performing for national and international dance and summer festivals in the UK, France, Spain, Canada, South Africa, India and Australia since 2004

Kam Iris Noor

Kam Iris NoorKam Iris Noor is currently training at BAST, British Academy of Sound Therapy. He facilitates relaxation group Gong bath sessions.

He is passionate about the Gong and would like to share his passion with you.

Kim Loliya

Kim LoliyaKim Loliya is a facilitator, somatic sex educator and community leader who runs workshops and events on sex and sexuality that invite new possibilities, growth and empowerment, whilst nurturing a safe and open-hearted environment.

With a passion for sharing real and vulnerable stories, she is also the founder and editor of sex+, a publishing platform for the sex positive community and wider world .  sex+ is a site that shares real stories about sex and sexuality inviting new possibilities, empowerment and growth.

Kimwei and Billy Bottle

KimweiNon-binary singer-songwriter Kimwei has been making waves with his original song “Nothing’s Binary” feat. Billy Bottle.

She is also a blogger, lifestyle experimenter, music lecturer and speaker, who’s credits include Radio Devon and Sky Arts.


Lindsay River

Lindsay RiverLindsay River has been a pagan for many years (since 1975 if not earlier in spirit) and in the seventies and 80s studied the many goddesses omitted from history as she was taught it.  She was the co-author of The Knot of Time, a feminist and pro-queer guide to astrology (1987, Women's Press, with Sally Gillespie). 

She is happily retired and has a background as a consultant astrologer, a homoeopath, and from 1990 to 2009 worked in the voluntary sector on issues of community health rights, older people's rights, ageism and local community development. From 2003-9 she was the Director of Polari which researched and campaigned on older LGBT needs and wellbeing. She has been a lecturer on all these subjects and has taught workshops on themes in paganism and self-development since the eighties (since 1998 at Queer Pagan Camp, at LoveSpirit Festival and in 2016 at QueerSpirit).

Her current preoccupations relate to varied aspects of social justice, combatting speciesism, and working for the survival of the planet.


MiqxMiqx - known in Radical Faerie circles as Miqhey Miqxtya - has been "on the scene" in UK since the mid-60's. As (variously) an activist, healer, co-operative community developer and performer, Miqx was a member of East London GLF, on 1980 London Gay Pride Committee, set up housing and worker co-operatives and has long been involved in the Helios Centre (healing charity) in London.

They (preferred pronoun) are still offering JinShinDo acupressure sessions and Qi Gong workshops. Also now a Steward of the EuroFaeries Fund and a founder member of Sexual Avengers and the QueerDome project, as well as of Queer Spirit Festival.


MountaineMountaine is thrilled to be entering the final third of his life!  It's been a very eclectic first two-thirds, including 12 years in an ashram, over 25 years of radical faerie gatherings, business software consulting when it was brand new, and a stint on the management team of a major opera company. He now lives on the famous "short" mountain in Tennessee, USA, in a house known as "Breathwood (inhale) Waterfire".

And his lifetime of music and theatre improvisation has led him to play the wizard Merlin on the YouTube channel "Merlin Speaks", currently in redevelopment as "Merlin Dreams" to reach out to children aged under 10, and be a more effective part of the upliftment of life on Earth.

Nick Kientsch

Nick KientschNick learnt to meditate in 1990. After running a meditation group as an undergraduate he went on to live in an urban Buddhist community before ordaining as a Buddhist monk for 6 years, living in a UK based monastery of the Thai forest tradition. On leaving the Monastery Nick moved to London in 2004 and set up the gay and bi men’s mindfulness group in 2009, which meets every Monday and attracts 30 - 50 gay/bi/trans men each week.

He now runs 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy courses as private classes and runs mindfulness in the workplace sessions. For more details of his courses and mindfulness for the workplace see:


Paz BanksQualified doctor in Western Medicine (MBBS University of London.) Self-healed various illnesses including asthma, Chronic Fatigue, depression, malaria
Long-term practice of raw food, veganism, fasting & meditation (>15 years.)

Helped organise the holistic Festival of Life.

Prince Lydia

Prince LydiaPrince Lydia is a queer artist who has been working as a costume maker and dye specialist in theatre for the past 10 years or so.

They have worked at many commercial festivals including Cambridge Folk festival, Latitude, Bestival, Reading, Glastonbury and Boomtown.

Quincy Dominusj

QuincyI am a fully qualified Pilates Instructor/coach (Level 3, currently in training for Level 4) with additional experience in anatomy & physiology, psychiatric nursing, and therapeutic massage – all of which informs my holistic style of teaching. My services are tailored to meet the individual needs of every client, including those who have been injured and need rehabilitation, sports development for athletes, and people who simply enjoy exercise as recreation.

I am inspired by exercise, good living and passing on lessons I’ve learnt.


QweaverI’m a queer being, sex positive, activist, pagan-y, community-oriented. I’ve run and co-run workshops and longer events in queer spaces over a number of years.  These seek to create radical openings for intentional personal and community exploration and affirmation. Nothing is more radical in our realm that coming from love and open heartedness. I guess that makes me a full-cream radical!

I'm also a poet, rejoicing in the vitality of the spoken word scene and the power of voice.  All are welcome to my workshops who hold an intention of openness and operate from values of respect and acceptance. I strive to accept and celebrate everyone as they are.

Rhodri Karim

Rhodri KarimRhodri Karim is a undisciplined multi-disciplinary artist-activist (and glittery werewolf) working to undermine consensus reality with sensuality, self-defeating behaviour and social justice.

His practice includes sound, organising, shamanism, performance, software and agriculture. In his role as coordinator of the Psychedelic Society of Bristol he creates holding spaces for transformative experiences, and helps join the dots between entheogenic substances and their wider social, psychological and mystical context.

Rosy Green

Rosy GreenRosy green is a mask and puppet maker, a puppeteer, and a teacher.

A firm believer in the healing power of the arts, she has facilitated art and craft based groups which function as vital support for vulnerable adults of a variety of backgrounds.

Rupert James

Rupert JamesRupert creates healing, playful and transformative spaces for meeting self and other using conscious kink, consent and intimacy work, and ecstatic dance.  He has been holding sacred space for groups since 1992 and trained with many fantastic teachers including Barbara Carellas, Gabrielle Roth, Dossie Easton, Lee Harrington and Betty Martin.   Rupert facilitates workshops in Oxford, London and Estonia and teachers at several festivals each year. 

He is a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra, and a qualified teacher at the School of Being.  Rupert is a kinky, non-monogamous, heteroflexible cis-man, who loves dancing, playfulness, being naked in nature, and shared consensual touch. Consent and respect form the bedrock underlying all his work.

Sara and Akhil

Sara and AkhillSara and Akhil's paths crossed at the Sivananda Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, in Kerala and they have been companions ever since. Originally trained in professions such as journalism and graphic design they have chosen to turn away from the faster pace of life to focus on living in movement and stillness: Yoga.

Both are experienced teacher's with a depth of knowledge and training and they continue to seek new ways to broaden their understanding and add to their knowledge of both body and mind.


ShoktiRadical Faerie Shaman, Facilitator and Healer, Shokti runs the monthly Faerie Full Moon Drum Circle in London and has for the past 15 years been a key figure in the development of faerie and queer spiritual spaces in the UK and at Folleterre, the Faerie sanctuary in France.

He blogs at, and


SidtsaraInternational tantra teacher Sidtsara Ross facilitated her first Tantrapure workshop ‘The Art of Intimacy’ over 15years ago in New Zealand where she soon became in demand as a valued, respected teacher and was asked to teach across Europe and also Bali. With a list of relevant qualifications as long as her arm, Sidtsara feels it is life itself that has been her greatest teacher.

Her passion lies within the foundations of what is needed to enable us to relax, let go and surrender into deep intimacy and pure prolonged pleasure both alone and in connection, and so her workshops focus on the four pillars of tantrapure practice using conscious touch as the vehicle to awakening to full potential sensually, sexually and spiritually. She strongly believes Tantra should be accessible to all and offers affordable workshops and retreats including The Art of Conscious connection. The art of conscious touch and sensual Massage, Intro to Tantra and also Intro to Conscious Kink. She also works with individuals and couples both face to face and over skype and offers the most delicious sensual massage for pure prolonged heart opening pleasure.

Sonalle LaMariposa

Sonalle LaMariposaSonalle LaMariposa combines the knowledge & powerful experiences gained from her Inner Dance Facilitator training (Inner Dance UK), Biodanza Diploma (IBF), Participatory Arts, M.A. (Goldsmiths) & Therapeutic & Educational Application of the Arts, P.G. Dip (Institute of Art Therapy in Education) with teachings received from some of the most renowned Tantra teachers.

The intricate fusion explores the process of embodiment & presence through art, movement, mindfulness & touch.
Sonalle LaMariposa interweaves the most transforming processes to create an invitation; an invitation for you to connect more deeply with your truth.
For more information see:

Stewart Lane

Stewart LaneStewart has delivered numerous workshops (Spirit in the Voice, Neuroscience and Spirituality, The Spiritual Coach).

Festivals include Musicworks Festival Brixton, Gay Spiritual Festival (ULU 1999), Glasfest, Brahma Kumaris, Gaypride Glasgow and the first Love Spirit festival (ULU).

Tessa Wills

Tessa WillsTessa Wills is a sex positive performance artist, sexological bodyworker and community builder with a background in sex work who coaches and teaches to adventurers, sex workers and sexuality professionals. Wills has coached ecstatic embodiment and business skills since 2009, working with a range of providers including people exploring BDSM, gay male escorts, full service sensuality professionals, couples, pre-orgasmic queers, post-partum queer bodies, people finding fuller erotic expression whilst exploring gender or transitioning, and sexological bodyworkers at different stages of their career. Wills draws on a diverse background in artistic practice, somatics and healing (hypnotherapy, ritual, craniosacral therapy, alexander technique and theatre) to celebrate and support the unique erotic footprint of our interpersonal relationships.

Titta M Laattala

Titta M LaattalaTitta M. Laattala (Lic.TCM Dip.CHM Dip.MQG) is an experienced practitioner and a teacher of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She holds a Licentiate of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and Postgraduate Diplomas in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Medical Qigong. She is a senior teacher and a clinical supervisor in the Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICTCM).

Titta has a keen interest in understanding how our lifestyle, diet and daily habits contribute to our wellbeing. As a medical practitioner she is experienced in applying Chinese medicine into everyday practice and with her years as a teacher, she is skilled in interpreting Chinese medical notions into understanding accessible and applicable to everybody.

Tom Barber

Tom BarberTom Barber (Sugar Puppy) - Tom is a Berlin based Forrest Yoga teacher and the founder of the gay / bi / trans / queer men’s yoga community - Yoga Boys Berlin. Tom discovered yoga 12 years ago on holiday in Amsterdam and never looked back. Over the years Tom has found strength in his Yoga practice to face up to various addictions, depression and social anxiety.

Tom changed careers to teach yoga to share this immensely healing practice with others, so that more people can free themselves from the past, and welcome joy, connection and spirit in to their lives.

Tom Cowan

Tom CowanMuch of the last decade has been spent understanding and exploring my own nature as a self-identified queer man. I've been blessed with opportunities for reflection and transformation through my continued relationships with the global community of Radical Faeries who have shown me how to be vulnerable and authentic. I now work closely with organisations that support LGBT people including Loving Men and Queer Spirit Festival.

My joy and pleasure in human company have been nourished professionally and personally through over 10 years’ experience of working and living co-operatively.   This has given me great insight into holding space for difference and diversity with respect and compassion.  My spiritual journey is supported by the sangha of the Vajrasati Yoga School in Brighton, UK, that continues to inspire me at every turn and provides the bedrock for my own teaching.

 I'm proud to be certified by the Yoga Alliance as a 500HR Registered Yoga Teacher, hold a BTEC level 5 in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy  from the North London School of Sports Massage and continue to enjoy a wide range of professional development.

True Stranger

True StrangerHaving spent the majority of their life seeking wisdom and knowledge True is no stranger to the human condition. A trained psychotherapist with a creative and spiritual bent, a radical faerie, an enigma unto themselves. True works from the premise that each and every individual has everything that they need inside of them to effect the change that they want. For this reason, their style is one of facilitation through relational depth.

True is dedicated to the work of helping individuals awaken to their unique living power.

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