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Al "Earthsong" Head All ages

EarthsongQueer songs for the planet and planetary songs for the Queers.

Earthsong sings original songs about being queer and about being pagan, about the cycles of the earth and the beings that dwell on it, about sex magic, and about how we act to save our planet and what we do to survive.

Alice Human - Tea with your AncestorsAll ages

Alice HumanAn emotive, vocal and sonically multi-layered mapping of my Ancestry and what it means to transition through life and death.

Using live and recorded sounds alice creates imagined and real landscapes with her voice, a small orange organ and a tape player breath in life.

Surreal, poetic and comic she weaves her voice through a web of memories, dances, and songs of life, death and the beyond. One moment she’s a honey-voiced folk singer performing a serene ballad about matriarchal relatives: the next, she’s an inpatient child hidden under a tablecloth longing to be caught.

Ami, my twin - Ray Bowler All ages

Ray BowlerPoetry about a young man growing up with a woman inside him.

I’ve done a lot of things in this life, civil engineer, hotelier, builder, artist, poet, but the single most challenging event is trying to accommodate Ami in my life.  As trannie stories go, she’s stayed in the closet most of the time. She’s public only occasionally and in safe places, but she longs to have a life of her own.  I, Ray have given up identifying with many roles over the years, careers, wealth, status, but giving up me to be Ami has been the most difficult.

This is the defining event of my life- how to live with Ami and where she comes from.  But, she won’t be put off, she regularly pushes me to one side dressing in outrageous clothing and writing poetry.

Chris Hubris All ages

Chris Hubris

With sweeping theatrical drama and electronic weirdness, Chris Hubris leads us on a sonic adventure through alienation and isolation into manifestation, calling on the help of supernatural elements to guide and shape our path.

The sound is eclectic, from introspective and brooding to synth pop floor fillers. The tracks are taken from his forthcoming album "Celestial Hubris and the Dystopian Birthing Experience", which is planned for release in 2018.

Based in Bristol, Chris cut his performance teeth in the diy anarcho-queer scene in the mid 00's, playing manically joyful electro pop at events across the UK and Europe. Now he's back with a new name, a new sound and a new dressing up box.

Chrystine Moon All ages

Chrystine MoonChrystine Moon writes and sings songs of Love and revolution.

Menopausal feminist revolutionary, Chrystine Moon, writes and sings songs of Love and revolution. 
Chrystine also plays Guitar.

Commie Faggots Guidance

Commie FaggotsImagine a queer Billy Bragg crashing into the Bonzo Dog Doodah's tour bus and - amongst the wreckage - playing rowdy singalongs about rent control, detention without trial and the Syrian refugee crisis.

Commie Faggots, an ever changing line up of radical misfits, have been evolving, devolving and revolving around the London Underground scene since 2008. More queer and quirky than directly didactic, they would be the odd ones out on a rosta of acts that are Political with a big "P, like Propagandi, Billy Bragg or Rage Against the Machine. Similarly, whilst they do nod to the "Faggot" in their moniker with gender-bending costumes and make-up akin to The Rocky Horror Picture show, they are sometimes too rowdy - and sometimes too hairy - to nestle neatly into the sub-culture of Queer Cabaret.

There is an element of flippancy in what Commie Faggots do, but beneath the sarcasm and upbeat theatricality is an underlying seriousness. Their stage show contains neither earnest sermons nor stand-up comedy, but they are seriously funny - in that their hardline humour can be serious and pointed.

Dan Webber All ages

Dan WebberDan Webber is an LGBT+ spoken word artist based in Derby, who writes about love, life and relationships.

Dan has been involved in the East Midlands arts scene for the last 14 years and is a respected actor, writer, producer and director. Through spoken word he hopes to change this. He is one sixth of Twisted Tongues, curates LGB-QWERTY (Derby's only LGBT+ spoken word and variety night) and was named BBC Local Poet for Derby as part of National Poetry Day 2016

He will be performing poems from his new work in progress show, ‘17 Squared’, about turning 30 and hurtling towards the inevitable.

"Dan is at the forefront of the Derby spoken word scene" - Derby Folk Festival, 2016
"Simply Brilliant" - BBC Radio Derby

DJ's All ages

We will have lots of dancing with a great range of sounds from our festival DJ's

sexyrubbersoulDJ Sexyrubbersoul

Liquid and lively Drum and Bass Pressure from a DJ who marries the political with the spiritual


Tom & JarrodTom & Jarrod

This DJ duo from London and Boston, who have been a part of the underground queer party Papa Loko in London, will be playing a 2-hour set of world and techno with a deep, multicultural sound that will take you on a journey.



TransistorTransister Dance Party

DZ Jezebel will be spinning tunes at the Transister Dance Party - a community party night from east London providing an attitude-free zone run by trans and fetish people, where trans djs spin intelligent dance music, conjuring a haven for those who don’t want to blend into the norm, featuring performance from underground legends Synthetic Pleasures.  Transister is bringing its magic to Queer Spirit and it's sure to be a night to remember!

FunkinsteinsAll ages

Women-fronted kiss-ass funk band from Bristol

FunkinsteinsAnd out of the darkness there came light. The almighty "Funkinsteins". Forged from the purest elements in music, this trio have crafted a truly original mastersound. Blending funky dance music with sprinkles of rock. this band delivers what can be described as a breath-taking and captivating experience.

The music is tight and melodic and will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand firmly to attention. The band have been electrifying audiences across the country with their stage show, growing in popularity and presence. Made up of 2 girls and 1 guy, delivering daunting phat bass, pro guitar, innovative drum breaks and an impressive arrangement of synths and production.

Hawthorn All ages

HawthornHawthorn is known as Marc Block in the folk world, where he’s been an up-and-coming talent these five and thirty years, singing some quite nice songs, some of them quite queer.

Marc is a  Nottingham-based folk singer and songwriter, and Glasspool Records has recently released his new CD, Brisk & Breezy. His first album The Hawthorn Spring (2013) received great reviews and wide radio play including BBC Radio 2’s Folk Show, and it so impressed Mike Harding that he played three tracks from it in one programme. It was also among Roger Wilson’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ best albums of the year on A World of Difference.

Marc has been around the folk scene for many years, and played folk clubs and festivals such as Towersey, Music on the Marr and Gate to Southwell (where he runs the Open Mic Competition). He’s also well-known on the Nottingham live music scene for his former band Marc Block and the Breezes, later Marc Block Trio, though currently he’s performing solo.
Marc also continues to be roadie and accompanist to veteran folk legend Roy Bailey, appearing on his recent recordings Stories and Live at Towersey Festival 2015.

John AnthonyAll ages

Acoustic pop/indie/folk singer-songwriter based in Bristol.

John AnthonyA qualified nurse turned songwriter, John writes about love, life, politics and everything in between. Originally from Leicester, John moved to Bristol to pursue a song writing career following a life-changing backpacking trip to Asia. Writing simple yet melodic songs, John plays anything from local open-mics, and town centre busking to venues across Leicester and Bristol.

John is currently recording an EP which is to be launched in the Autumn of 2017.

Jordon CharlesAll ages

Jordan is a singer, writer and choir director currently living in North London.

Jordan CharlesHe just finished a successful stint as the only bisexual contestant on BBC1's hottest new show 'Let it Shine'!

Progressing to the Showcase rounds, Jordan performed with the Kaiser Chiefs and Dannii Minogue. He also received glowing feedback from Amber Riley who said she "loved" his performance & "could see [his] personality" and Gary Barlow, who said said he's "going to be a star"! 'Let it Shine' opened to 6.3 million viewers, beating The Voice UK by 400,000 viewers and was a roaring success for the Beeb!

Jordyn LeylandAll ages

Jordyn LeylandJordyn is a 16-year-old from Warrington who writes deeply personal songs and sings with great conviction and a fine voice.

Their first EP was released this year.

Kali Chandrasegaram All ages

Kali ChandrasegaramA multi-discipline, experimental dancer and choreographer, working across genres from classical to contemporary and believes in dance as a personal journey of the soul for self and communal awareness.

Originally from Malaysia, Kali is a key artist in the UK Contemporary South Asian dance scene and has worked for many of the genre's leading companies. Trained in South Asian Classical dance forms: Bharata Natyam, Odissi, Kathak and Western Contemporary dance genres: Graham, Cunnigham and Humphrey; and uses these styles as springboards to venture into greater possibilities. Has danced and created dance in South Africa, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, France and UK.

“There’s a controlled power inside Chandrasegaram’s flesh that suggests intriguing depths. Dancing with a fierce yet delicate formality, his solo tapped into a divine embodient of ecstacy and form.” Donal Hutera (UK dance critic)

“Continually surprising”, The Stage

“As inventive with his title as he is with his choreography. ‘Transdisionale’ speaks of transcending traditions and nationality, this work was outstanding. Kali, in his ‘creative dance avatar’, was able to display the dignity of evolved forms in a striking setting”,

"Kali Chandrasegaram had an air of power and control during Bhagavati Ashtaka. He reflected the balance between the feminine and masculine in a highly engaging routine.", Stephen Oliver (North East Theatre Guide)

m-power Guidance

m-powerYoung upcoming radical Underground Hip-Hop Artist currently doing local venues and festivals around the UK

M-Power started writing and rapping when he was 15. Since then he has been recording tracks and playing at festivals such as Beautiful Days, Green Gathering, Kaya, Landed, Over the moon, Phoenix, Queer Spirit, One world and Glastonbury! with his first CD on hard copy and bandcamp and his second EP "I Am M-Power" released 2016 on Itunes, Spotify, and Google Play. He is now working on a full album coming soon...

MoBbIt fOS Guidance

MoBbIt fOSMoBbIt fOS: a clown from Outer Space with no gender but full of laughter and stupidity for anyone up for a rocket of shared explosive and activist happiness.

As a Clown and Buffon performer, I have been working solo and with clown and queer collectives (like the Arcola Theatre), both off stage with walkabouts acts (Burning Man, London Clown festival, Nowhere) and on as stage performer (Camden’s PPL T.; Soho T., Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Rosemary’s Branch T., London Clown Festival and others).

As a Vinyl-Strictly DJ and co-funder of TeknoKolor, I have been running this London based, 90’s HardTechno, Queer and non-binary night for 10 years; as solo artistic curator of TeknoKolor, I have been devising and directing all performances for the event, which is always accompanied by fools vignettes whilst the music keeps on lifting our spirits. You can now find us residents as bimonthly event at Resistance Gallery.

Psyche & the Black Dog All ages

Open micRob des Roches and Kellan Farshéa are an Electronica / Space-Lounge duo giving a Cabaret Style performance with dancing, tableau, sampled sounds, keyboards and singing.

Open mic All ages

Open micOpen mic sessions for anyone at the festival to come along and have a go.

Bring your musical instruments, your voice, your act - whatever your talent, we would love to share it.

Priscilla Plays All ages

PriscillaA half-hour of standards and originals for guitar and voice from this sissy-in-the-making...

Jon Stein - aka Priscilla Heartstongue - has had a professional career as a musician and now divides his time between Totnes and Malaga, travelling in his camper van and writing about community and wellbeing.

From time to time he puts on a frock, picks up a guitar and lets his hair down to let Priscilla come out to play.

Queer Fool All ages

Queer fool'There is a place on the edge where we can play'

The Queer Fool jumps in and out of the boxes of sexuality and gender, picking up labels and trying them on, only to throw them away and try something else...

Fooling performances are completely improvised, created out of the 'masks' of personality, story and being.

Qweaver's Qweer Poesy Guidance

Qweaver poesieA queer spirit, activist, radical faerie & poet shares poems from the heart and other body parts.

Bring your beautiful selves along and let the magic and love loose.  Warning: this performance may lead to sudden outbreaks of pleasure, compassion and inspiration.

Come visit me anytime at my poetry blog

We're Here. We're Queer. We're Cosmic All ages

ShoktiVisionary voices have been telling us this for a very long time
Enough of us are now hearing and understanding the message. Enough of us to become visible as a festival of queer spirituality. Hearing and sharing holy words of
Walt Whitman Judith Grahn Edward Carpenter Elsa Gidlow Harry Hay Allen Ginsberg Audre Lord.......  of emerging trans voices Raven Kaldera Bright Daffodil.......

And if we listen further back in time we find echoes of the magic of our kind coming from Michelangelo, Rumi, from medieval monks and nuns, from pagan myths and ancient cults from the temples of the Goddess in the middle east. We are even mentioned in the Bible - the Qedeshim, sacred servants of the Divine Feminine the word was translated in the St James Bible as 'sodomites' but it means - The Holy Ones.

Join Shokti for a spoken word journey into our queer spirit - its history, its current manifestation and its potential...

Zachary Franck All ages

ZacharyZachary Franck is a singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, whose music deals with his queer/trans identities, Jewish spirituality, and struggles with mental illness.

Adult cabaretAdult

Late night cabaret that will have adult themes and content, featuring...

Alex FearAdult

Electro pop super-nova and inter-gender near-mythical-beast currently working on his first studio album; "Fag Life"

Alex FearAlex will be singing classics such as "Let's Never Have Kids" and "Super Powers" as well as new compositions.

Expect glittery occult attire, expect mystical fag-pop chants, expect twerking.


Professional Breakup Artist

AnnabekskiButch, femme, top, bottom, vanilla or spice, you'll find so many flavours to enjoy, in this unmissable, spoken word journey down the tunnel of love.

Share one woman’s journey through the highs, lows and downright hilarity of the eternal scramble to seek, find, and inevitably lose, the woman of your dreams. Be taken by the hand and gently guided through the ridiculous scenarios that the search for love and Ms Right (or just a good hard ...) can entail.

Phoenix Hillan Adult

Phoenix HillanA visceral sculpting of syllables crafted to paralyse heartbeats and thrum between the thighs.

Phoenix Hillan is a self-proclaimed performance poet, aerialist, fine artist and kink fanatic hailing from Brighton, UK.

Her words draw landscapes of laughter, lust, rage and grief, composing a serenade for all who have drowned in the sweetness of aching. She performed with us last year and is delighted to be back!

Frankie Sinatra Adult

Frankie SinatraFrankie Sinatra the dapper drag king with the Velvet Voice and a Vicious Twist

Jazz Idol 2017 finalist Frankie Sinatra has appeared on ITV’s This Morning on National TV.

A London cabaret scene regular, this drag king is all singing, all dancing with a razor sharp wit and hitting the high notes while they’re at it.

Lisa Luxx Adult

Lisa LuxxLisa Luxx is an award winning poet and performer concerned with spiritual and political activism.

She has collaborated with brands like Selfridges, and NYC based magazine, The Numinous. Her poems have been published worldwide by Tribe de Mama, New River Press and the Society Club, she’s also been profiled in publications across the world including Dazed and Confused, Grazia Pakistan, Well + Good NYC and the BBC.

Her latest book & live show, The 4th Brain, is a collection of poems and essays about a millennial finding identity and spirituality in the internet – illustrated by Elizabeth Clough, with live accompanying music by Rico.  
In 2013 she founded post-net magazine, Prowl, and critically acclaimed parent company Prowl House that is a cultural hub for radical artists. She has written for i-D magazine, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Elle, Tank, Diva etc.

Currently shortlisted as Best Spoken Word performer in the Saboteur Awards. She was also shortlisted for Poetry Peace Prize and her stage style has been likened to Kate Tempest by BBC Arts and audience members alike, for her powerful stage presence.  Expect to hear a lot of talk about sisterhood and the power of woman.

“Her writing is revolutionary” – Guru Jagat.

MajIkle Adult

MajikleMajIkle is proud to be a dykewriter living off grid for the past twenty years in a womensland.

Majikle is back to take you on a poetic journey to 1987 when the Rebel Dykes were taking over London, with an excerpt from her forthcoming book Maggie Thatcher made me an SM dyke!

Manon Adult

ManonUnderworld: in this performance, Manon will be exploring the concept of the shadow self, using sideshow and circus stunts, she will be drawing the fine line between pain and pleasure, dark and light.

Sex Drive: My Orgasmic Road Trip Adult

Author and broadcaster Stephanie Theobald will talk about her experiences driving across the USA in search of her lost libido

Stephanie TheobaldStephanie Theobald is a writer, journalist, novelist and broadcaster.
She is the author of four novels: Biche, Sucking Shrimp, Trix and A Partial Indulgence which was hailed by The Times as delivering, “art, sex, money and class with enormous style.” Her journalism for The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Elle and Red focuses on sexuality, gender and unconventional people doing unconventional things.

Her new book, Sex Drive, is a memoir about female masturbation and reveals what happens when a woman takes time out to listen to her body.

Sunday Service at the Church of the Uncut Adult

Sister Rainbow is queer and quirky. You'll love this lunatic!

Sister RainbowSister Rainbow invites you to laugh along in lucid lunacy as a queer clown lands in a nun’s body and takes a light- hearted look at politics and leaf-blowers. Will church survive the chaos in this often hysterical and terrifying service?

* Please note that the final festival schedule may be subject to change although we will aim to maintain the general themes shown here.

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