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The Campaigns Yurt explores our connections with society through engagement with community and politics, and how we can use our spirituality to create change. Through our interactive, inclusive workshop style sessions, we'll consider themes such as intersectionality, civil disobedience, and wellbeing. We'll get hands on in our practical workshops, and explore how creativity is instrumental in protest and campaigning. All are welcome, at whatever point in your campaigning journeys you may be.


My Political Cosmos – What’s going on out there? How does it all fit together? Can I have any impact on the world? We can’t answer all these questions, but in this creative, relaxed session we’ll try to chart ourselves on a political cosmos to see where we fit in… “just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving, and revolving at a hundred miles an hour…”

Organize! Part 1 - Feeling constrained by social media but don’t know where to begin with campaigning in the ‘real’ world? Our Organize!/Demonstrate! Workshop will take you through the steps of rallying the troops and spreading the word. We’ll create banners, placards, posters, chants… all the ingredients for a heartful, meaningful demonstration. All you need is a cause!

Demonstrate! Part 2 - We’ve made the placards. We’ve rehearsed the chants. We’ve assembled. Now let’s take our message to the street! Or at least, the festival… yes, we are demonstrating, Radical Queer Faerie Style! Bring your positivity and laughter to this march around the camp, following on from preparation in the Organize! session. We’re here; we’re Queer; we’re cosmic!!

Screening: Awake! A dream for standing Rock – Following the resistance of the Sioux Tribe in the face of the destruction of their land, we reflect on how spirituality plays a significant role in campaigning and protest with a screening of this new documentary

Reading: TBC – This relaxed gathering will give us the chance to read from a contemporary play, exploring different themes which resonate with us. Play title to be confirmed.

Theatre of the Oppressed – How can we use drama and performance to investigate our own and others’ oppression? How can theatre help us to transform oppression into action? Using the techniques of Theatre of The Oppressed, we’ll explore the world around us using games and improvisations …. Theatre of the Oppressed Out in the Open – … and then we’ll take our art to the streets! Using what we’ve learnt, we’ll challenge perceptions, raise questions, and have a giggle along the way.

Building the Queer Future Now - - Miqx - A presentation followed by discussion:
How we can secure the benefits that we have gained for the future.
Who are "we"?
What have we learned from the experience of the last 50 years?
Is it possible to build a queer infrastrucure without reverting back to mainstream corporate structures and institutionalization?
How do we share a living sense of community now - and then pass this on to our successors?
How do we own resources and assets in common - and how do we manage these without developing fixed hierarchies?
There will also be chance to discuss some concrete proposals currently in development.

Reflections: Our Queer Spirit in a Shifting World – To close the campaigns tent, we’ll reflect on the workshops over the course of the festival and what each of us has taken from our experiences. We’ll think about how those experiences can help us to stay connected, safe, and positive in an increasingly fragmented world.

Micro Rainbow International

Micro RainbowQueer Spirit Festival is pleased to welcome Micro Rainbow International back again this year, look out for them on the camping field. MicroRainbow International is an NGO that works with LGBT+ people internationally on reduction of poverty. In the UK their work is primarily with LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers around poverty reduction, social inclusion, integration, small business start-ups, skills training and coaching. The social programme is a lifesaver for dispossessed LBGT+ people without family and other social connections. Please support their work at

There will be a chance to meet members of and hear about the work of LGBT+ Asylum Seeker/Refugee Group Micro Rainbow.

Ceremonies and rituals

Beings of the Land Ceremony All ages

Gather on Village Green, Thursday at 2pm

This is a ceremony to bring together the whole site: humans, trees, spirits, all beings who live here or are visiting. You will be invited to connect to the festival altar individually in your own way, then together we will find our connection to the roots of the land and to our own roots. We will separate into 5 smaller groups to connect with each other and with different parts of the land (people can choose depending on the distance they wish to/are able to walk). Then we will draw those connections back to the centre to finish with some energy raising and the creation of a human pentacle, opening the gates to the magic we will create together at the festival.

Lammas Ceremony All ages

At the Camping Field Fire Circle Friday 8pm

Lammas is the festival of the grain harvest and we will meet around the fire to share a ritual together that will focus on
celebrating abundance, feeding ourselves with the good things we need to stay strong and healthy, and about our wishes
for the future safety of food and water for all the inhabitants of the beloved planet: all the creatures, human and non-human.

We will call the elements to witness our rite in the general style of Western paganism but we welcome input from other traditions.

Opening ceremony
8pm Wednesday in the Marquee.

Festival gathering
7pm Friday. Marquee/Fire Pit
Welcoming new arrivals and reaffirming the magic.

Closing ceremony
2pm Sunday in the Marquee.

Connecting and sharing

"All Change" Discussion Under 18 with adult

Geoffrey Henning, Rhodri Karim and ShoktiThree students of the Shift of the Ages - Geoffrey Henning (founder of CRUSAID), Rhodri Karim (chair of Psychedelic Society, Bristol) and Shokti (Queer Spirit) invite you to a sharing forum focusing on Awakening, Transformation Transcendence... and on the role of queer beings at this time of Consciousness change as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

Conscious Connection Under 18 with adult

SidtsaraSidtsara - Through breathwork, meditation, body and energy awareness, movement and sharing we begin to sink into conscious connection with ourselves, then others, and finally the divine.

The theme is unconditional acceptance and the focus is presence and intention, to conjure a more conscious space of self-awareness, self-responsibility and connection.

Loving Many Adult

CaluCalu Lema - An open discussion on queer inclusive intimacies.  Let’s get together to explore the complexities, challenges and rewards of inclusive relationships (ethical non-monogamy, relationship anarchy, polyamory, etc) from a practical perspective. We will engage in smaller groups to discuss topics like consent, jealousy, sex, privilege, radical communication and personal responsibility. You’re welcome with your stories, your successes, your disappointments, your questions, your discoveries. 

Nothing's Binary - The Healing Power of Being Seen As We Truly Are All ages

KimweiKimwei and Billy Bottle - This inclusive session is open to and relevant to all, not just those who identify as non-binary or gender fluid.


  • Masculine, feminine and beyond.
  • Labels - the pros & cons.
  • The value of being a Queer Ambassador.
  • What would a Post-Binary world look like?
  • The healing power of being seen as we truly are.

Story Circle Under 18 with adult

QweaverQweaver – Led by Qweaver, each participant has an amount of time to share something of their story, to explore their voice and sense of self, and to connect with the power of listening.

From themes that arise we will move into a more creative energy, improvise some lines, images that celebrate our stories and our tribes.

Trans as a spiritual experience Under 18 with adult

Adele Bright DaffodilAdele Bright Daffodil - This workshop is open to trans and non-trans identified people.

We will be exploring trans* as a spiritual life path. Looking into the hidden history of trans identified shamans throughout history and the reasons why there has been a sudden emergence of trans people on the planet right now. We will explore living from the heart and exploring gender as a way to achieve authenticity in self and society.


Spirit Dolls All ages

Rosy GreenRosy Green - Each participant will make a small yarn doll to take away with them.

We will begin with a guided meditation, to aid in focussing an intent for (eg) healing into the doll which each person will make. Most of the session will be spent making small figures using yarn, embellishments, and found materials. The basic technique is quite simple, and participants can then develop it's character creatively to make it their own. All materials needed will be provided, participants are also welcome to bring their own materials / objects to incorporate into their dolls.

Dance, movement & theatre

Burlesque 101 Adult

Cerise MaeCerise Mae - a short introduction to burlesque for people of any gender over the age of 18! No nudity is required for this, we shall teach basics in bump and grind, movement and glove removal!

Drag Up the Bollywood Under 18 with adult

KaliKali - A fast spaced workshop drawing from the Indian classical dance styles of Bharata Natyam and Kathak and the popular dance styles of hip hop and jazz, culminating in an energetic choreography set to exciting Bollywood film music. Come in your glad drags and be prepared to get hot and have fun!

Ecstatic DanceAdult

Rupert JamesRupert James - We will celebrate in movement our bodies, our sacred impulses, our aliveness, and the sacred earth which holds us all.   Beginning with some guided movement meditation, then releasing into the full freedom of our dance - with ElectroSwing, Balkan and other World rhythms to inspire and invite us deeper into the wisdom and ecstasy of the body.  Know that you are welcome in your entirety: your shyness, your exuberance, your innocence, your raw animal self, your sexuality, your divine spirit, and everything else – all of you is welcome here!  Please feel free to join, or leave, our Ectstatic Dance at any point during the workshop.

Embodied MovesAll ages

SonalleSonalle LaMariposa - Embodied Moves is an invitation to reconnect with our life energy, feel the freedom of authentic movement & explore relationship with others whilst gently dropping the everyday masks.
We will journey using movement, meditation & presence to feel our bodies, sensations & emotions; becoming more aware of who we are, what we feel & what we want. Understanding & increasing intimacy with ourselves increases our ability to be intimate with others. By exploring authentic communication through movement, we can cultivate our ability to feel & request what we need.
Welcome to being more embodied. Welcome to Embodied Moves.

Esoteric Sound and the Magic of NotesAll ages

CaroCaro - Interval Oracle -Priestessing therapeutic sound with the Voice.

The magic of pitching, toning, tuning, plus how to hear and sing intervals (and an explanation of what they are) and how to use them for personal, communal and planetary health. Wanted to learn more how to recentre and ground with your voice? Always thought there was much more to sound than meets the eye! Music learning is mainly absent in this culture yet sound was considered a core component of education, alongside maths, philosophy and ethics) in many ancient mystery schools.

In these times of fear and uncertainty, increasing institutional power abuse, and increasing systemic dis-eases, using music and sound as a conscious tool for to centre/recentre power in our own bodies is a gift and a tactic.  Aside from the obvious benefits of using the voice to boost the immune system, oxygenate the blood, and de-stress the body, sound has a history of being a bridge to connect us from the earthly to the divine.

Musical TheatreAll ages

Cerise MaeCerise Mae - Musical theatre Dance - discover the thrill of being a dancer in a musical with this all lip syncing, all dancing extravaganza.

Naked Movement Under 18 with adult

CaluCalu Lema - A journey through presence, movement, playfulness, consent and connection; a space to uncover and discover ourselves (full nudity is encouraged but not mandatory); an opportunity to celebrate and honour our bodies in a creative way. Meet your inner child in the playfulness of the beat, your wild self in the intensity of the rhythm and your essence in the simplicity of the empty spaces in between.

Playback Theatre Under 18 with adult

Mountaine JonasMountaine Jonas - Playback is a form of theatre improvisation that honors true stories told spontaneously by people in attendance. No theatre experience required.

The workshop starts with fun theatre games to help open the pathways for creativity. This form of sharing personal stories builds skills in deep listening, compassion, teamwork, and much more, and is used around the world for building a sense of community and mutual respect among diverse peoples.

Radical Ballet Under 18 with adult

Jane CarrJane Carr - We will experience traditional ballet moves but in ways that don’t let preconceptions inhibit the enjoyment of moving with both strength and grace.

Please wear clothes you feel comfortable to move in, flat shoes or be prepared to dance in bare feet and with each other!

Shamanic Inner Dance Meditation & Sound Journey Under 18 with adult

SonalleSonalle LaMariposa - What happens when we honour our True Self with mindful attention and presence?
Pure transformation…
Inner Dance is a self-awakening process based on the Filipino Shamanic tradition. It organically leads to authenticity, inviting a transformation of unhelpful emotions, thoughts & behaviours. Through intuitive healing, we surrender to relieve psychological & physical suffering. We navigate through the limitations of the ego to heighten awareness of body, mind & emotions.
Inner Dance is a heart-filled journey transporting us to surrender to Source.

Sound and Colour for Ecstatic Trance Under 18 with adult

CaroCaro - Building on the Esoteric Sound workshop, but also a stand alone this will using our voices to co create a powerful Sound Bath using sound and colour meditations

The Possibilities of Different Geographies Adult

SonalleJane Carr and Bruce Sharp - Come and meet Dorothy Sharp and participate in a workshop exploring everyday movement in order to reflect upon identities and how we perform them. No need to perform unless you want to!

Healing and health

Beginners Survival Guide to Veganism All ages

Edward DanielEdward Daniel - This is a talk and discussion on how to become a vegan. It looks at protein, alternative milks, shopping lists and rising above the taunts.

This activity follows Edward's book "The Beginner's Survival Guide to Veganism."

Earth Medicine Adult

Justin LuriaJustin Luria - A workshop of healing, grounding and incarnation. Drawing on shamanic practice, energy healing, earth based spirituality and the philosophy of loving inclusion, we'll come together to make a space to honour and know deeply and nourish ourselves.
What we'll do: with grounding, movement and dancing we'll charge our bodies and raise energy;  we'll share together to welcome our essence, spirit and humanity; and lastly we'll lie down for a shamanic sound healing journey of drumming, toning and transmission to help us be more present with ourselves and to receive healing, love and support from Spirit.

You're welcome to bring ingredients with you such as frustration, disappointment, loneliness - things that don't often get much welcome. Letting ourselves 'cook' with those ingredients can be gnarly, but the result is a very nourishing meal. Let's get cooking!

The workshops often contain (but cannot guarantee) disco.

Happy Hypnosis Chill Out Adult

Hazel BirchHazel Birch - A shared group experience of a happy hypnosis trance induction taking all to a wonderful feel good place where inner feelings of wonderfulness are amplified and self-esteem is boosted and one's inner wisdom connection is strengthened.

Healing Circle Adult

QweaverQweaver - Welcoming people to fuller understanding of our potential as healers, connecting with healing energy, creating a healing field for all those who wish to receive healing (for ourselves or another we know has requested healing). A closing ritual honouring the earth .

I’m a queer being, sex positive, activist, pagan-y, community-oriented. I’ve run and co-run workshops and longer events in queer spaces over a number of years.  These seek to create radical openings for intentional personal and community exploration and affirmation. Nothing is more radical in our realm that coming from love and open heartedness . I guess that makes me a full-cream radical!  I'm also a poet, rejoicing in the vitality of the spoken word scene and the power of voice.  All are welcome to my workshops who hold an intention of openness and operate from values of respect and acceptance. I strive to accept and celebrate everyone as they are.

Hermit Practice All ages

Tessa WillsTessa Wills - Hermit Practice: The Hermit Project is an art and creative practice focussing on furnishing on interior lives with lushness and resilience. The details of it need to be mysterious. The project is established with a three year history, and works exceptionally well in these queer personal development reflective spaces. Places where Tessa has taught this workshop include: Temescal Arts Centre, Free Cascadia Witch camp, FRESH festival.

Holistic Diet & Nutrition Under 18 with adult

PazPaz - covering the subjects of vegetarian / vegan / raw food diets, rainbow diet, fasting, juicing, sprouting, fermenting, organic/local/seasonal/wholefood, when to eat, how to eat etc. and the energetic properties of food too.

Holistic Lifestyle & Living Under 18 with adult

PazPaz - covering such practices as meditation (maybe having a brief sitting), contemplation, prayer / chanting, sleep, rest, activity / exercise / dance, occupation, bathing / cleansing, (sun)light, breathing, sacred study, emotional clearing, sex, sound / music ecotherapy, earthing etc.

Qi Qing: Nei Yin - The Seven Emotions: Inner Evils (Chinese Medicine) All ages

Titta LaattalaTitta M Laattala - Our ancestors got ill because they laboured in the fields in all weathers. In the modern world, we tend to get ill because our emotions get tangled up and out of order. How and why does this happen, and how can we untangle them.
“He who knows others is clever. He who knows himself has discernment. He who overcomes others has force. He who overcomes himself is strong. He who knows contentment is rich. He who perseveres is a man of purpose.” (Dao De Jing, Han Dynasty ~300BC)

Relaxation Gong Bath All ages

Kam Iris NoorKam Iris Noor - 30 minute gong bath (two sittings in each 2 hour slot)

Sound relaxation has been used as a healing or calming tool for thousands of years. Himalayan singing bowls (standing bells that "sing") have been used throughout Asia South Asia for thousands of years in prayer and meditation, and are now used to promote well-being.

Sound is an alternative complementary sonic medicine designed to facilitate relaxation. Sound can help balance the emotions, heal and quieten a busy mind. Most people feel calm and relaxed following a sound bath session.  Sound relaxation can help influence brainwave frequencies, enabling a person to enter an altered state of consciousness, which is similar to a very deep relaxation or mindful meditation.

Shiatsu Adult

Andy ButterfieldAndy Butterfield - Experience Shiatsu - a kind and generous touch.

Shiatsu is therapeutic bodywork that uses stretches, joint mobilisation, acupressure and holding to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation, supporting and balancing vital lifeforce energy. Shiatsu can help a person go on to find more freedom and space in other aspects of their life and move them towards full health and their true nature. 
In this physical and experiential workshop, you will work individually and with partners to learn simple shiatsu techniques that you can practice at home with loved ones. Come and experience the kindness and nourishment of therapeutic touch. You will remain fully clothed so please wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing

Yin Yang Tiao He - Yin and Yang in Harmony (Chinese Medicine) All ages

Titta LaattalaTitta M Laattala - Life and how to live it, to live well and live long: sleep, work, sex, environment etc. and Life Cycles (phases or organic cycles that propel us through life).

“In olden times, those people who understood the Dao, patterned themselves upon Yin Yang, and they lived in harmony” (Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen, Han Dynasty ~300BC.)

Pagan nature

Carpet Astrology (Astrodrama and Experiential Astrology) Under 18 with adult

Hazel BirchHazel Birch - Cloth with image of chart on it is laid on ground, people stand on signs within and connect also to the planets.

Fun - interactive - experiential - very insightful.

Drum PracticeUnder 18 with adult

Andy FowlerAndy Fowler - Daily afternoon drum practice for beginners and experienced drummers..

Mbira Magic All ages

Andy FowlerAndy Fowler - Mbira is a spiritual instrument from Zimbabwe, where it is traditionally used as a vehicle for trance. Come and learn to play this fascinating and absorbing music in a friendly and fun environment. Andy is a welcoming and experienced teacher of world percussion, author of the book 'Unlocking Mbira' and also an artist!

He encourages participants of any musical ability (or not..) to come and take part.

Nature Connection Under 18 with adult

Tom CowanTom Cowan - Deepening our connection to the land through nature based practices,  we will hone our senses as we open to the world around us, as it truly is.

This activity will take place in the woods around the festival site. A beautiful place to explore our relationship to the non human

Shamanic Journeys Under 18 with adult

DK GreenDK Green - Shamanic journey workshop. Let the spirit, beat, song and resonance of the drum carry you forth, let's see what we find together. Guided, then free fall. Suitable for beginners as well as more familiar shamanic travellers. A great way to start (and end) the weekend by freeing your spirit for it's journey. You will need comfortable clothes and a blanket/cushion to recline on/in. Feel welcome to bring something significant to you to place on the altar space before we begin.

Shapeshifting–trans-versal archetypes Adult

Chryssy Hunter & Jeanne DevlinChryssy Hunter & Jeanne Devlin - Shapeshifting is the ability to change one’s physical form at will. Archetypal shapeshifters appear in myths across cultures, like Coyote or Lilith. Shapeshifting has a role in rituals through the ages. Shamans, who “walk between worlds” might wear masks to commune with animals or cross dress, taking on certain qualities from the forms they move into. Trans people can also be seen as shapeshifters through the slow transformation of our mind and body. This is a practical and creative workshop exploring shapeshifting through masks and costumes.

We are inviting you to cross a threshold, consciously change their usual behaviour and through this be released from conformity and linear attitudes. Participants are invited to portray an archetype in a ritual called “Circle of Masks.” They will be provided with materials to make a mask or costume that represents an archetypal figure. Example could include the fool, mother, wise old man, and the magician. Once all the masks are made, participants will be randomly given one to wear and will take it in turns to portray the archetype. At this point facilitators will help and guide participants through this shape shifting experience, using music to evoke the qualities of each archetype. This can be a deep ritual which may bring up buried feelings, but you will be supported and encouraged to talk about your experiences at the end of the ritual.

Note: This is a double length workshop that runs 10am - 2pm

The Queer People of InannaAdult

Lindsay RiverLindsay River - Poetry from Mesopotamia by one of the earliest known poets, a Mesopotamian priestess, makes it seem that the temples of the Goddess Inanna offered refuge and honoured work to those who did not fit the gender and sexual roles of more mainstream society.  It is possible they even offered transition rituals to queer and trans people.   Inanna was famous also for protecting sex workers.   We will look at this history together and celebrate an ancient religious tradition that honoured those that were stigmatised in many cultures, those who many of us may see as 'our people'.  You are invited to come to this workshop, if you will, dressed extravagantly and inventively as one of the latter day Queer People of Inanna and we will end the workshop by processing through a part of the site. 

This workshop is designed for adults but children may come to join the final procession if they wish to.

Sacred sexuality temple

Archetypes of Power and Surrender in D/sAdult

Grace Ní DhonnchúGrace Ní Dhonnchú - In this workshop we will use archetypes to frame different dynamics of power we may be conscious or unconscious of in the real world. You will be invited to step into various characters to examine what qualities this brings out in you and what arises when you interact with the power dynamic involved in this part of ourselves. This workshop is an introduction to both Dominance and submission and role play in kink as well as an internal enquiry to these aspects.
Nudity and genital touch optional space. Likely to be lively and loud, playful. All levels of experience welcome.

Conscious Speed Dating Adult

Rupert JamesRupert James  - You will be invited into a mix of group structures and one-to-one meetings, both verbal and non-verbal, to help you drop more deeply into yourself, and find enjoyable, authentic and heart-connected ways to meet others.  You will be offered tools to help you stay within consent at all times; respect for yourself and others is at the core of this workshop.  Whether you are looking for fun, friendship, love, flirtation, a sense of tribe, a festival buddy, a soulmate, or all the above – welcome!

Conscious Touch Adult

SidtsaraSidtsara - The focus of this workshop is intention, presence and expressing boundary & desire from the place of conscious awareness. We will explore different types of touch - nurturing, healing, holding, encouraging, sensual  etc  and play with discovering what we really really like.

Sidtsara, who has been a group facilitator for 16 years, is committed to anti discriminatory practice and welcome all regardless of sameness and difference. She has facilitated at Buddhafield, Green gathering, Conscious Connection Camp, Druid Camp, Queer Spirit, Manchester Pride and many more.

Cunts for Fagots: demystifying genital innies Adult

Tessa WillsTessa Wills - An informative discussion and workshop aimed at queer humans (particularly gay cis men) who want to know more about 'cunts', and how to work them.

This workshop is the perfect opportunity for motivated humans to learn about vulvas, vaginas, clits, cunts, g-spots, inny-holes, bonus holes, cooters, tranny boners, clit boners, or whatever you call yours.

Exploring Shame and Finding Freedom Adult

Kim LoliyaKim Loliya - This is an interactive session exploring the following themes in a safe and respectful space:
- What is shame and how does it show up in our lives?
- How does shame play out in sex and our desires?
- How does shame serve us and what are its uses?
- How do we communicate feelings of shame?
- What does freedom from shame look like in our lives and what steps do we need to take to achieve this?
The workshop will involve paired/group work and sharing in an inclusive space. We will also hand out resources for participants to take the subject further into their lives.

Opening to Vulnerability - Naked Meditation Adult

Sonalle LaMariposaSonalle LaMariposa - Our vulnerability is key to how we relate to ourselves & to others. When we are able to truly ‘be’ with ourselves, to be open & vulnerable to how we are feeling in every moment, then we can we have compassion for ourselves. Only when we can truly be with ourselves, are we able to truly be with others. The depth of our connection with others is entirely dependant on how vulnerable we are able to be with ourselves.

In vulnerability we are able to experience ever more vitality, joy & light in our lives. Our vulnerability our key to Love. If we want more love in our life then we need to be vulnerable.

Opening to Vulnerability guides you into meeting some of the vulnerable places within yourself that are in need of your love & attention. Like a new-born baby, we are reborn, consciously releasing some of the unnecessary barriers built when growing up & connecting with our authentic self.
Are you ready to open to vulnerability?

Radical Self-Care and Self-Love Adult

Kim LoliyaKim Loliya - This is an interactive workshop exploring the following themes:
- What is radical about self-care and self-love?
- Meanings, definitions and interpretations
- The reality of daily living – applications, stories and situations
- Troubleshooting
- Self-care and self-love in relationship
- Help and support available

Sacred Intimacy Adult

Andy Saich Andy Saich - In this session, we hold a loving space for each other, opening with a simple ritual, then expressing boundaries and intention. This is a chance to slow down, check in with yourself, notice how you feel, what you need and want, and communicating this in a series of touch games with several different partners.

The invitation is to step into a state of love that is without attachment or expectation, then through Intention, create connection and open your capacity to share love with others, irrespective of physical attraction or sexual orientation.

Sacred sexual medicine - the healing art of sensual touch Adult

True StrangerTrue Stranger - Not for the faint hearted, this workshop has the potential to radically move our perspective on human sexuality. We will be exploring what it is to unconditionally and compassionately give sexually. This will be done in the form of worded guidance on visualization and intention throughout the process of the session. The workshop will start with all participants naked, apart from the facilitation team who will be wearing a decorative item just to set them apart. There will be a short check in where participants can share very briefly how they are coming into the space and this is also a chance to request to take part as learning voyeur if the fear or resistance is overwhelming.
Those who wish to proceed will stand up and be blindfolded by the facilitators with assistance from any learning voyeurs. The blindfolded will then be randomly placed in pairs or triads depending on numbers and be allocated the role of toucher or touched. They will be led into a guided meditation of loving compassion and guided into transforming this into touch. The facilitation team will stand close to hand to assist where necessary and make sure that the roles are reversed in equal timing. 
Time is allocated at the end for the whole group to share and coalesce their learning.
Participants will need to attend a 30-minute intro prior to this workshop. Sign up sheet in village hall.

Sensational Earth: Eco-Sex Ritual Adult

Grace Ní DhonnchúGrace Ní Dhonnchú -  - Sensational Earth combines the use of ritual, connection through touch and both physical and energetic connections with the earth. It is part of an experimental series exploring what happens when we combine our sexual energy with earth energy, using the four elements and six sense to open ourselves up to exploration and possibility.

There will be an outdoor element to the workshop so please dress appropriately for whatever weather we are gifted with on the day.

Sensual Jam Adult

CaluCalu Lema - During this playful, wholehearted and explorative session we will journey alone, in pairs and small groups to honour our bodies and connect to the gratification of the senses through pleasure. With consent, intention and awareness as a framework and using sound, breath, silence, motion (rising and dropping), touch and words, we will allow pleasure and intuition to guide us into ecstasy and beingness.   Diversity and boundaries are honoured. Optional genital touch involved.

Sex Magic Tree Ritual Adult

Al HeadAl Head - Last year we connected energetically with what I call the 'magic wood' a wood of young trees whose energy is at the heart of our festival and who loved sharing sexual energy with us! This year we will connect with them again, honouring them and building energy with and for them, and for the growth and connection of our Queer spiritual community.

We will meet in the sacred sexuality space and talk the process through, check-in with ourselves and each other and share boundaries. Then we will go outside and connect with the trees and their energy. We will bring our connected energy back into the sacred sexuality space where we will create a held, magical, ritual space. We will build energy together, humans and trees and other beings who may join us. At the end of the ritual the energy will be channelled back to the trees who will use it for the wellbeing of the land and of our tribes. There will then be a grounding and a sharing.

All adults are welcome to this ritual. Be aware that it is a 'full on' sex magic ritual. Participants will set their own boundaries in terms of nakedness and physical and sexual contact and there will be clearly defined areas where people can choose to interact with themselves or with others. But we will be in a space where at least some people will be naked and may be masturbating or engaging in sexual activity with others. As we only have 2 hours there will not be an opportunity for a long preparation or debrief (although I am happy to meet up with others at another time to talk through anything that comes up).  So this may not be suitable for someone with no previous experience of sex magic. But I encourage everyone to make their own decisions and to follow their intuitions. Also please be responsible for your own safe sex practices.

The Bonobo Experience Adult


Workshop 1 - The bonobo experience (for beginners)

What is Oxytocin? Why do Bonobo’s fuck so much?  I introduce Bonobo behaviours to us humans, and show how these apes use sex and touch navigate conflict and increase social stability. We will be raising a sense of love and compassion through touch to develop a wider sense of belonging and form close bonds with one another to promote peace through pleasure.

Workshop 2 - The bonobo experience (advanced)

Learn why these creatures never kill each other, rape the females or kill rivals' young.   Unzip your human onesie. Explore Bonobos’ through their sexy hand signals, body language, grooming and play.

Nakedness is welcome and consent is a must. Touch is encouraged in order to develop a group connection. Sexual interaction is welcomed and voyeurism is full participation.


This is a rare opportunity to develop the awareness of bonobo tribe and connection, though touch. Whilst being in human-hood.

We really encourage you to play, be silly, giggle and tickle one another. We believe that fun, play and pleasure offer new ways to be with ourselves, which create spaces to explore compassion, joy, togetherness sex.

This is an optional pants off event.

The Secret Sex of Being Human Adult

True StrangerTrue Stranger - For many of us, sexuality, sex and orgasm can be veiled in mystery, secrecy or shame. We have grown up surrounded by a mythos about sex which can be wholly incomplete and at times even dangerously inaccurate. A culture of sexual advice is prevalent and preached paradigms abound.
This workshop will seek to bring us back to our own organismic experience of our orgasmic selves. We will enter the temple naked but for a cloth to cover our bodies to symbolize that part inside us whether big or small which holds shame around our sexual being. We will sit in a circle close enough to almost but not touch and will create a safe and healing space in which we can share our own truth about what sex is in our lives, how we came upon it, how we dealt with it, how it affected our lives. We will share both to stand strong in our uniqueness as sexual beings as well as a generous act to help others see that they don't have to be ashamed of their natural orgasmic selves. We will also listen and bear witness to others as they reveal their unique orgasmic selves.
Whether the cloth of shame come off in the temple or not is down to each individuals process, there is no right or wrong here, only movements

The Vulva Workshop Adult

Kim LoliyaKim Loliya - A space of self-discovery and exploration of a hidden, yet powerful part of ourselves in a safe, respectful and supportive environment.
The workshop will include movement, optional mirror work, sounding, expressive art, sharing and connection. We will explore how to integrate the energy of our vulva to invite holistic wellbeing in our lives.
For Vulva Owners who identify as female, trans, genderqueer, intersex, non-binary, agender and including all other gender minorities.

Touch and Flow Adult

Andy SaichAndy Saich - Sensuous and intimate, this workshop combines massage and light touch. You will use a massage powder instead of oil or lotion to create different sensations and play with the surrendering into the energy of connection and breath.

You can choose to be fully naked or partially clothed, and attend alone or with a partner.

Please note that you do need to be flexible enough to sit on the floor with both hands free to massage.

Wankalicious Adult

True StrangerTrue Stranger - Opening up a Space of love through self-touch and shared touch. Participants enter this space to express their sexual Self-love in a group environment. To be witnessed touching yourself the way you love to be touched and to bear witness to other expressing the same. Participants are invited to look at each other with compassionate view regardless of arising desires. As it progresses the space will open into shared touch and seamlessly move into the love lounge space.

Spirit mysteries

Awaken to the 5th dimension All ages

Edward DanielEdward Daniel - A talk and discussion on the Fifth Dimension of consciousness. For those brave enough to work on themselves and towards their path of enlightenment as we move from dense Third Dimensional to light, heart-centric and abstract Fifth Dimension.  The topic of Twin Flames is covered. This activity follows Edward's book "The Beginner's Survival Guide to Veganism."

Calling Ancient Humankind All ages

Lindsay RiverLindsay River - We, so called Homo Sapiens, are not the first humans to live in this land and many other lands.  Now, though we have been called Homo Sapiens or the Wise Humans, our beloved earth and its dear creatures are facing increasing crisis created by recent humankind.   In this workshop we will tune into and honour our very ancient ancestors and our relatives, the other ancient humans who lived on the earth before the development of agriculture and the beginnings of 'civilisation'.   These include our ancestors who evolved in Africa and spread across the world, some of their distant homonin ancestors, and the Neanderthals and the more recently discovered Denisovans whose genes some of us also carry.   We will also honour those we are related to but not descended from such as the short hobbit-like people who lived on the island of Flores.    We will, in united love and hope, co-create a ritual to ask these ancestors and ancient human relatives for their spiritual help in the dire straits in which humanity and our kin the animals find ourselves today, and listen to any messages they have for us.

This workshop is designed for adults but is open to all ages.

Connect with Your SourceAdult

Geoffry HenningGeoffrey Henning - When we are birthed the first time we are gifted with our own light from Source which is always there with us. However hundreds of life times tend to cause this to fade. Now is the time to bring this light back and by connecting with our own Source begin to recognise who we are and what our mission here, at this time, might be.

Labyrinth Adult

Helen MooreHelen Moore – Walk the labyrinth....  From the Hearth and the Sacred Spiral we walk the path to Labyrinths centre where there will be placed a cauldron for clearing. This is a Sacred quest for inner clearing & enlightenment.  All participants receive a token from the Labyrinth which will be theirs to keep as a reminder of their quest. Twelve people is the absolute  maximum in one ritual.

Mediumship All ages

Geoffry HenningGeoffrey Henning - Mediums through the years have inspired people with information and guidance. We all have this potential and ability to reach beyond ourselves and connect with those who have passed, be they family or guides.
This workshop will offer some tools to help us begin to connect with those around us and bring forth their guidance for ourselves and possibly for others.

Native American Pipe Ceremonies Under 18 with adult

Mountaine Mountaine Jonas is a trained pipe carrier in the Shoshone-Bannock tradition.  He presents an unusual angle on the subject of "cultural appropriation", as he has a white guy who has been authorized by native Shoshone-Metis elder Clyde Hall to do this work.  He is an experienced degwanee ("voice of the people") at the Naraya ceremonies in the United States, under the supervision of native elders.

Opening to SpiritAdult

Stewart LaneStewart Lane - The busy world that human societies have created has carried people so far away from who they really are that they have forgotten their unique purpose for being here, on Earth, at this transitional time. This 90 minute introductory, experiential workshop will provide participants with some tools on how they can redress this balance for themselves. Our greatest friend and ally is our own body. It speaks to us constantly and is our best guide to navigating our way through life.
This workshop will help you re-connect with your body as guide and ally so that you can:

1. Learn how to work with the language of their body to connect with their inner wisdom
2. Explore ways to unify the chattering mind with Body guidance
3. Explore the power of intention
4. Experience a guided intention-setting meditation with my specially composed music using solfeggio frequencies.

Spiritual practice

Chen Style Tai ChiUnder 18 with adult

Sara NewmanSara Newman - Come and learn low impact exercises you can do at home to reduce stress, improve overall health and promote serenity in your everyday life.

Tai Chi is an ancient traditional Chinese martial art, which is not just a graceful exercise of gentle flowing movements but a moving meditation, in which the breath and each flowing posture is harmonised, ensuring that your body is in constant motion but your mind is still and calm.

Flow Yoga Under 18 with adult

Andy ButterfieldAndy Butterfield - Andy has journeyed through various styles and folds elements of these, along with his bodywork experience into a mindful, breath-led flow practice.

He is passionate about helping his students to connect deeply into their lifeforce, honour and celebrate their bodies and dwell in peace in their minds and hearts.

Forrest Yoga Under 18 with adult

Tom BarberTom Barber - Come experience the magic of Ceremony and Forrest Yoga! We will begin with a short meditation, calling in the 4 directions and setting a powerful intent for our practice. We will drum and chant and welcome Spirit in! As we connect to our body and our heart we move in to a dynamic Forrest Yoga practice. This is suitable for all levels of experience. Forrest Yoga is an uplifting and healing practice created over the past 40 years by Ana Forrest. This modern style of yoga encourages you to feel and ignite every cell of your body and to welcome Spirit home. It’s a profoundly healing practice - we’ll move and sweat and embrace all that we are!

Meditation Temple

Daily led meditations All ages

Nick KientschNick Kientsch - Daily led meditations at 9am and 6pm

The Traveling Temple All ages

TempleThe Traveling Temple is with us for one day only this year, setting up in the Meditation space on Saturday.

Shyamayani, Tapasya and Ananga Manjari invite you to join them Saturday afternoon/eve in The Meditation Temple for a Kirtan Workshop at 3pm and Bhajans from 6pm onwards. Om Namah Shivaya.

Temple open for personal practice at other times.

Partner Yoga Under 18 with adult

Sara and AkhilSara and Akhil - Partner Yoga - Bring a “significant other”—a partner, spouse, friend or child age 16 or older or just bring yourself and we'll team you up with someone to share a playful morning session learning partner-assisted yoga poses you can do at home. Develop trust, strength and compassion by connecting with others and having fun. The poses will stretch you and help you become more flexible and strong. We’ll share a little Thai Yoga massage to relieve stress and end with deep relaxation. Partner Yoga is a great way to introduce someone to yoga.  No yoga experience required.  Working with a partner also helps the experienced yogi stretch more deeply. Learn yoga postures you can do with a friend which can help you stretch more deeply and feel more connected!

Pilates Under 18 with adult

Quincy DominusjQuincy Dominusj - Beginner Level Mat-based Pilates - I'll be offering safe & effective mat-based Beginner Level Pilates Classes including exercises for upright and prone positions, warm-up and preparation movements, and the use of blocks and other Pilates equipment.

The fundamentals that'll be taught at this level include techniques to correct your own posture throughout the day and develop your awareness of your body. I'll reinforce the Pilates Principles and teach exercises which, you can take home to practice (FYI - do these 2-4 times a week for 3-6 months and you will see a difference in self- confidence, and in the control you have of your own body!). Participants who are rehabilitating from historical and current injuries (or recent operations) are welcome to attend. Please speak to Quincy (me) during the class about your personal history so I can tailor the programme.

Shaolin Kung Fu  Under 18 with adult

Sara NewmanSara Newman - Shaolin Kung-Fu training methods produce extraordinary skills and abilities, and it can help enhance your performance in other sports. The drills we perform are also used in military, dance and football training, developing the athletes muscle endurance and strength. Come and try out this ancient Chinese discipline, once used to protect monasteries and monarchies from rebellion in ancient China, and today continues to be useful for mastering body and mind.

Vajrasati Yoga Under 18 with adult

Tom CowanTom Cowan - My approach to teaching Vajrasati yoga (a synthesis of Hatha & Iyengar styles) is gentle, meditative and dynamic, challenging habitual physical and mental patterns, unfurling into openness to experience that which lies beyond them.  My intention is to instil your experience with mindfulness, intelligence and self love.

* Please note that the final festival schedule may be subject to change although we will aim to maintain the general themes shown here.

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