Plans for the future

The current core team met recently and amongst us we agreed that to run the festival involves is a lot of administrative, emotional and energetic work for us which lasts most of the year, so we felt that to let the festival expand what is needed is to organically grow the organising team.

Our focus going forward is to build the infrastructure of the festival organisation ready for a full festival perhaps in 2019. Our vision is that different areas and responsibilities would be divided out between several smaller groups, with the core team acting as co-ordinators and advisers and holding the ethos and overview of the festival. These new groups would organise themselves and have a lead person supported by one or more people, with the group working collectively.

Even if something looks like it could be done by one person, we would want people to work with at least one other, who could be a co-leader, or an assistant, apprentice or support person. Queer Spirit has always had a focus of team-work and mutual support, acknowledging that the work of building an event is done on many levels, with practical decisions and actions being only the tip of the iceberg. Over the coming weeks and months, we envision various events and opportunities to get together, either in small groups focussing on specific areas, or as larger groups building energy, infrastructure and vision. We are also considering a Queer Spirit camp for 2018 which will be a co-created space for all those involved in the groups. A place to meet others, train and be trained and share and help bring the focus for the next full festival.

Please do get in touch with us if you feel you would like to be involved in this exciting project; that will give you opportunities to use existing skills and perhaps build new ones; to work with like-minded people and ensure the future of this amazing event. Let us know the group or groups you are interested in (we already have some offers/people in mind/people already working on some of the areas.) We may want to chat with you about where you would best fit and you may want to chat with us about your ideas. So please get in touch – you ca email us, use the form on the website plus we are happy to chat one to one via phone, Skype, in person etc.  Some of us will be at the Featherstone castle gathering and will be happy to chat with you there.

These are the areas/groups that we are looking to create:

Site: working with core team to book site, liaising with manager of site, liaising with our own site manager, booking marquee and other structures (which may involve liaising with other teams e.g. Sacred sexuality, traders, cafes etc), booking toilets, showers etc. Arranging recycling and waste disposal. Sourcing site power (eco/green ideally), Liaising with cafes and traders regarding structures and other needs. Managing Glamping options.

Artistic-constructive: Sourcing raw materials to produce on-site décor such as shrines, signs, interior decoration of workshops, creation of stage(s) plus any other structures required for event.

Artistic-media: Working in conjunction with other teams as required to produce art work and design for website, flyers, posters etc.

Promotion: mailouts, flyers, co-ordination of distributing flyers at events and other locations, social media (Facebook etc), internet, press, radio, tv etc

Website: updating info on website, maintaining it, adding/updating features, managing ticket sales system etc.

Production: updating event plan, arranging insurance, setting up production office, reworking radio plans, arranging radio training for volunteers, running production office at festival. Arranging security and liaising with them.

Box office: Ticketing system, wristbands, covering gate for arrivals.

Information: collating programme and other information before festival, designing the festival programme, making signs and sorting out things needed for information point, finding and communicating with team before festival, running information point at festival, running drag hire table, donations table, performers sales table etc.

Finance: keeping accounts and producing yearly statements, producing festival budget and updating, collecting invoices and making sure money available for payments etc. Processing ticket sales and t-shirt orders.

Welfare: finding and communicating with volunteers including third party organisations, arranging training, running Welfare space at festival, answering emails on access and welfare, putting into effect welfare/access plan and making festival accessible for people. Running accessible camping space.

Energy circle: Raising magical energy around Queer Spirit, holding energy at events, offering energetic healing at events.

Stewards: finding, communicating with and organising group of stewards, organising training, answering emails and filling roles, arranging practicalities, rotas etc. Co-ordinating stewards at festival.

Crew catering: arranging structure and equipment, planning meals and ordering food, finding and communicating with volunteers, working out numbers, diets etc.

Healing garden:co-ordinating healers, structures and layout, workshops.

Performance: finding performers and making decisions as to which performers based on diversity of act and gender, race etc, sending out agreements and collating information, working out programme, ensuring arrivals and departures and arrangements, communicating with tech team.

Tech team:Sourcing sound and lighting equipment and planning and running it at the festival. Filming and photographing and producing post-event videos and photo galleries.

Kids activities: Sourcing structures, finding facilitators, DBS checks, keeping protection policy up to date.

Workshop groups:

•      Sacred sexuality

•      Yoga/chi gong etc

•      Meditation space

•      Campaigns space

•      other workshops

•      main ceremonies

Community areas: camping areas for specific groups, may also include workshops spaces, shared food etc. So far, we have:

•      women’s space

•      radical faerie camp

•      suggested trans space

Holding other spaces: for instance, community fire space, chill out spaces, evening spaces. Suggested alcohol and drug free space.

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