The Queer Spirit ethos

Respect for the earth.
To seek to use sustainable resources as far as possible, protect the earth from further harm and work for earth healing through magical/spiritual practice and through supporting environmental activism. To 'tread lightly on the earth' and to 'take nothing but memories and leave nothing but love'.

Respect for all humans and their choices and boundaries.
To create a safe space free from all forms of abuse and coercion. To respect the principles of consent and ensure that they are implemented in all activities, workshops and areas.

Respect for spirit.
To honour all spiritual practices that are based on love for the land and its inhabitants. To remember in all we do that we are not working for profit but for the honouring of spirit, the land and its people. To honour all spirits, deities and Folk who live on the land (or are visiting for our events) and those who are their messengers.

Reflect the diversity of LGBT+ people.
To attempt, in all areas of our events, to include people from a wide range of genders and sexualities, ethnicities and cultures, ages and backgrounds and from a wide variety of spiritual paths. To ensure that personnel are not composed predominantly of people from a small number of communities or identities.

Work for equality.
To seek to make spaces free from homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism, racism, classism, the oppression of disabled people and young people and any other forms of oppression. To ensure equal opportunities for people from marginalised groups.

To aim to make our events as accessible as possible to all who wish to attend. This includes providing as much access support as is feasibly and financially possible for disabled people, providing suitable activities for people of all ages, and supporting others who may find events difficult to access due to marginalisation, mental health problems, poverty or for any other reason.


Carbon offsetting

We are continuing to work on minimising our carbon emissions for this festival based on our experiences in 2016.

If you are coming to the festival by plane or car you might want to look at offsetting the carbon emission from your journey.

Planting trees - Woodland trust has a simple way to allow you to offset your carbon emissions by the use of trees.

The Carbon Neutral calculator allows you to donate money to carbon offsetting projects.



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